Portfolio > Video/Installation 2012-20

Let(s) Go
Digital Video
Sold as a limited edition file

Recently I've been thinking about how much our identity formation relates to what we let go of and not simply what we hold on to.

My young son has become, like so many before him, infatuated with the 1964 film version of Mary Poppins. Sometime during our family's countless viewings I began to think about the ways in which death, loss, reconciliation, and redemption are handled through metaphor and allegory in this and other Disney films. Let(s) Go is a daydream on those themes and motifs. This project is meant to be viewed in a setting that allows for the video to be projected onto the floor from directly above.

With special thanks to Jason and Justice Jenson.

Sound created with audio samples and loops from the songs Let it Go (Frozen), and Let's Go Fly A Kite (Mary Poppins)