Curatorial Work 2014-23 > Not me…: Carmen Flores

Carmen Flores: Not me…
Nov. 1 - Dec. 10, 2021
Artist Talk Nov. 1, 6:30pm
Artist talk video posted on Nov. 6

Carmen Flores is an artist living and working in Richmond, Texas. She was born and raised in Culiacan, Mexico. She earned her BFA from the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla Mexico, and her MA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Flores art practice has focused on social matters that sparked her attention on how mass media filters, transfers, and legitimate this information in our society. “Not me…” is an early art series about the social connotations of fashion. Other recurrent subject matter in her works is violence and how mass media had normalized it over time.

One of the most significant constituents of the physical appearance is clothing. A person controls what he/she wears; therefore, clothes have become carries of social meaning. Clothes transmit messages individuals send in order to create a positive reaction on others. People consume looks legitimated by mass media. By consuming fashion, people consume the status and the communication system implied in it. Because of its social weight, fashion is consumed no matter its eccentricity, impracticality and ephemeral quality, like the dresses presented in this compilation.
“Not me…” is a series of paper dresses created in Mexico in 2003 with the Sinaloa State Fund for the Culture and Arts Grant. This series includes eleven dresses made with newspaper, magazine sheets, wrapping paper, yellow pages, plastic and wire. All dresses are wearable.