Curatorial Work 2014-23 > From Shape to Form

Rocío Olivares
Cattle Egrets
Video HD
Exhibition Statement
I have centered my attention in asymmetrical distribution of power and
information in the context of world globalization and centralization of resources and power. Through images, videos, and the construction of objects, I try to interrogate social and political conflicts. I am interested in utopias as necessary devices for imagining ways of collective living and, at the same time, as projects that imply the impossibility of their accomplishment. In contrast, non-ideal (or fully controlled) realities can offer the possibility to imagine other kinds of freedom.
Lately, I have been exploring in greater depth hierarchies regarding information sources in the construction and distribution of collective narratives. I am particularly interested in mass media as a device for rewriting history and shaping collective memory. I have been working with found footage, recreating the conventions of information delivering giving shape to videos that explore the coexistence of different narratives and the space of permanent friction between them. The confusion, the need to choose between narratives, the lack of access to some, and the skepticism toward others are phenomena I am pursuing to create a generative space for audiences. The use of voiceovers, subtitles, and different languages are some of the resources I have experimented with.